Push Notifications & PWA for your website

Getting customers to visit your website is one thing. Retaining these customers and getting them to visit your website over and over again is a whole new ball game. That's where we come in!

Revitalize your customer engagement by allowing visitors to add your website as an app and send targeted and personalized Push Notifications.

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Allow visitors to add your website as an app on their device

  • An app icon will be added on the mobile home screen (or in Chrome Apps on the Desktop) to easily access the website
  • The website will open in Full Screen Mode and will allow visitors to view the websites' pages even when offline
  • Learn more about PWAs

Enable visitors to sign-up for push notifications without providing any personal data

  • Guarantees a higher sign-up rate for customer communications since customers do not need to provide personal information like email address and/or phone number
  • Push notifications are highly effective and timely when compared to emails which have poor open-rates and SMS that are expensive and intrusive
  • Learn more about Push Notifications

Enable visitors to personalize the type of notifications they would like to receive

  • Allow visitors to personalize the categories for which they would like to receive notifications and updates
  • Empower visitors to control when they would like to share their location data to receive area specific business offers/promotions

Increase revisits by sending notifications to infrequent and lost visitors

  • Engage with visitors who visit the website infrequently or have not visited the website for an extended period of time
  • Setup pre-programmed rules to send communications with promotions/offers to infrequent and/or lost website visitors enabling them to re-visit your website

Suitable for a wide variety of businesses and websites

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Business and website owners

Benefit from a significant increase to website accessibility, increase Visitor to Customer conversion and improve customer engagement on both mobile and desktop

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Digital marketers and web agencies

Add a new digital push notification channel to help market and promote to website visitors and customers in a contextual and timely manner

Web Developers

Easily integrate push notifications and/or PWA capability to customer’s websites within minutes

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Sales Department

Use the Peak Engage platform for Push Notifications to execute campaigns and promotions that target website visitors on a real-time basis via mobile and desktop

Benefits of using the Peak Engage Notifications and PWA platform
Friction free opt-in and engagement for visitors
  • Visitors don’t need to share any personal data (email address, phone number or even their name) when opting to receive notifications
  • Visitors control the amount of notifications they would like to receive by editing their preference settings
Increasing the registered base of visitors for engagement
  • Making the opt-in simple with no data entry eliminates the friction associated with visitor sign-ups
  • Visitors control the notifications they would like to receive which helps avoid spam experience and increases visitor retention
Marketing and sales benefit for business
  • Adds an entirely new digital channel for customer engagement & marketing that goes beyond email, SMS and social media
  • Ability to run targeted campaigns to visitors via Push Notification and an internal Notification Inbox