What are Web Push Notifications?

Web push notification is a relatively new web standard that enables servers to push notifications directly to visitors of a website. Most modern web browsers have implemented the web push notification standard, allowing for its wide scale usage.


Website visitors have to opt-in through an ‘Allow’ action in web browsers to receive push notifications from the website's server

Mute or Opt-out

Visitors have to use device and/or browser specific settings to turn on/off push notifications

Native Notification Lists/Drawers

Preview of notifications received by the device is shown in native notifications lists, with action to open and navigate to the underlying site

Why add Push Notifications to your website?

Communicating with visitors proactively is very important for your business

Proactive Communication

Web Push Notifications enables website developers/owners to send updates and promotions to visitors that have opted-in

Native Alerts

Notification messages sent via push are displayed visibly via pop-ups and in native notification drawers, even when the visitor is not accessing the website


Businesses can send targeted timely promotions and offers to visitors that have opted-in

Why use Peak Engage notification service?

Delivery of Notifications
Common Solutions Peak Engage Notifications
Notifications are delivered to users who are online at the time the web-push is sent. There is no guarantee that all the users will receive all the notifications sent when they are offline or notifications are on mute The SaaS platform will guarantee that the users see the notifications on a real-time basis when online or the undelivered notifications get sent to them whenever they come online
Notifications are viewable only in the platform specific notification manager list for a limited period A Notification Inbox is provided for users on the website's home page to review and manage all notifications
Common Solutions Peak Engage Notifications
Do not allow for any personalization, resulting in blanket push of all notifications to all the users Allow businesses to configure categories for notifications that are available for users as preference settings, to control the type of notifications the users would like to receive
Lack of personalization results in poor and spam-like experience for users, which results in users completely blocking all notifications from the website Notifications are targeted and personalized and only sent to users who opt-in for those notifications via preferences, leading to an enhanced experience for both the business and the users
UX for Notification opt-in
Common Solutions Peak Engage Notifications
Most solutions use the default opt-in flow and UX for getting visitor permission for notifications, which is user-unfriendly resulting in low opt-in Provides visitors a user-friendly and contextual opt-in flow & UX to enable notifications, resulting in a significantly higher opt-in rate
No context is explained to visitors why they should opt-in, resulting in a majority of visitors ‘Blocking’ notification from the site permanently A configurable UX of the service allows businesses to illustrate to visitors why they should opt-in to receive notifications from the website with or without push
Rule-based Notifications
Common Solutions Peak Engage Notifications
Users who have been inactive or haven't visited the website are usually forgotten Keeps a track of inactive visitors and time lapsed and gives the business the opportunity to bring back those visitors with special promotions/offers
No data, charts or metrics to track inactive users Helps the business track inactive visitors who have been offered the promotions to identify increase in the level of activity
Location-based Notifications
Common Solutions Peak Engage Notifications
Do not provide any support for location aware notifications ‘Preferences’ allows users to opt-in by allowing their browser to share their location data with the business
No ability to send current offers and deals to users within proximity Businesses can send out timely push notifications and offers to users within proximity