Transform your membership program to an all digital and mobile experience

  • Go green - Replace/complement plastic/paper cards with mobile digital membership cards
  • Improve experience - Digital membership cards add to Apple Wallet & Google Pay app on mobile
  • Increase engagement - Communicate with members via push notifications & updates to card content
  • Easy add-on - Integrates easily with your existing membership signup and existing memberships
Digital membership cards on mobile

Apple Wallet on iPhones

Google Pay on Android

PWA app card on Android

Add card from desktop

Print card (PDF)

Customize card design & content

Add images & content

Add benefits info

Configure preferences

Include offers/vouchers

Add usage locations

Integrate with existing flows

Connect with existing signups

Issue cards to existing members

Add card link in online account

Include card link in welcome email

Use API to update membership info

Increase member engagement

Members update preferences

Personalized push notifications

Update card with content changes

Push discounts/promotions

Automate renewals/expirations

Membership capabilities built for organizations/clubs/associations/societies

  • Member and program info to display
  • Member ID - QR code/barcode/custom code
  • Customize images, icon, banners, colors
  • Setup preferences for update & campaigns
  • Membership benefits & contact info
  • Include offers/discounts & external links
  • Update membership card on mobile with notifications
  • Notification can includes title/message, link, image
  • Push membership & program info changes/updates
  • Automate membership renewal notifications & reminders
  • Create scheduled communications send to members
  • Inform members of new offers/vouchers/discount codes
  • Integrate with current sign-up flows to new members
  • Issue digital cards to existing member thru import
  • Add, update, remove members manually or thru API's
  • Add membership card links in online accounts & emails
  • Import/export membership data with 3rd party systems
  • Automated email reports & analytics for memberships
  • Allow members to make updates from card
  • Update membership data via API's
  • Assign member discount codes/vouchers
  • Void/expire membership cards
  • Use dashboard to add and make updates
  • Auto updates to member card on changes

Digital membership cards for members

Customers enroll, track their benefits and get their offers directly on their mobile

Members add card on their mobile
  • Via personalized link on web or received in Email/SMS
  • Add card on multiple devices
  • Cards cloned to all iCloud linked devices
Access membership benefits using card
  • Membership changes will auto update card
  • Scan QR/Barcode on card for access to services
  • Receive voucher/discount updates
Receive push notifications & updates
  • Native device notifications
  • Card gets updated with latest content
  • Cards on all devices are updated
Manage updates & notifications
  • Turn notifications/updates on/off
  • Manage preferences to control updates
  • Update profile information from card

Digital membership & ID cards are for all types of organizations, businesses and groups

Organizations - Museums, Associations, Societies ...
Add a membership card

Issue card to new and existing members. Communicate events & updates to members.

Businesses - Insurance, Finance, Health care ...
Add an insurance policy card

Card issued to customers. Include product/service details. Renew, cross-sell/upscale and customer care.

ID cards - Employees, Students, Clubs, Unions, ...
Add a sample ID card

Issue personalized digital ID cards with photos and identification codes.

... any one using and issuing paper/plastic cards will benefit by switching over and adopting digital cards