Create a business with a white labeled 'branded' platform offering

  • Loyalty, rewards solution with digital Wallet cards
  • Digital membership and subscription services
  • Mobile offers, promotions, discount & voucher services
  • Solutions using Apple Wallet and Google Pay passes/card
Branded platform

Customized branding

Custom Domain & URL's

Add languages

Content & images

Different AWS region

Customize Plans

Change strip account

Add/remove plans

Customize plan features

Establish usage limits

Customize emails

Customize Solutions

Dashboard pages

Onboarding flows

Preferences & filters

Signup and logins

Reports and analytics

Integrate Services

REST API's available

Import/export services

SFTP & batch processing

Execute external services

Tasks & periodic services

Membership capabilities built for business

It’s a snap to get started and best of all it’s FREE for a limited time and for a limited number of customers

Branded & customized platform instance
  • An AWS instance in desired region
  • Configured for custom domain and url
  • Branded colors, logos and images
  • Setup for translation to new languages
Customize self-service plans & payment
  • Add your own Strip account to collect payments
  • Configure different services plans & prices
  • Setup usage limits on features of plans
  • Customize emails sent to customers
Configure solution flows & preferences
  • Customized flows for self-service accounts
  • Branded on-boarding flows for end-users
  • Ability to add customized preferences & filters
  • Customized reporting, analytics and emails
Integrate to existing services and data
  • REST APIs' to execute Peak platform services
  • Custom tasks/services to execute 3rd services
  • Import/export of existing customer data via CSV's
  • Customized batch processing