Comprehensive platform for all your Apple Wallet and Google pay passes & cards requirements

  • Loyalty & store cards, membership & ID cards, coupons, offers & tickets
  • Dynamic, customized, personalized, and updatable passes & cards
  • Design editors/tools & admin dashboard for business-users & developers
  • Use end-2-end digital passes platform or integrate pass services via API's
Add a demo loyalty card

Or Scan QR code to add a demo loyalty card


Loyalty & store cards

Stamp or punch cards

Membership & ID cards


Discount/eVoucher cards

Boarding cards & tickets

Customizable design & content

Colors, images, logos & icons

Multiple QR/Bar code format

Unlimited content sections

Link to external pages

Add locations, time and BLE ids

Connect to App Store apps


Automated push update on changes

Update with native notification

Update user passes on all devices

Location & time aware notification

User can turn-off updates

User can turn-off notifications


Passes represented by a URL

Send URLs via email/SMS

Add QR codes on website

QR codes on posters/print

Personalized URLs & QR codes

Distribute as an attachment

Pass platform & tools for business-users & developers

Pass Design Editors

  • Web based editors' make it easy to update pass design
  • Single editor to customize Apple Wallet and Google Pay
  • Customize all aspects of pass visuals and content
    • Logo, icon, colors, images
    • QR code/Bar code
    • Content and content sections
    • Add custom fields and content
  • Changes can be published and pushed to all live passes

Preferences & Personalization

  • Data model defined and setup during pass design
    • Values are pre-loaded or auto-created
    • Values updated by user actions or API
    • Values updated based on rules
  • Pass content is dynamically created on each request
    • Uses user specific values
  • Campaigns & communication uses preferences
    • Target the users for update

REST API's for all Pass and Platform services

  • API's for developers to
    • Create and manage pass definitions
    • Manage and create passes for users
    • Send updates and push notifications
    • Assign offers, promotions and vouchers
    • Add transactions, visits, points
    • Redemption, rewards
    • Create and execute campaigns

Manage pass customers/members/users

  • Bulk import existing users to issue passes
  • Add new users manually or thru API
  • Share link/QR code to add pass via SMS/email
  • Add transactions, visits, points to users
  • Assign offers, rewards, vouchers to users
  • Redeem, expire points/vouchers and offers
  • Send push update and notifications to users
  • Export user data & reports

Campaigns & notifications to update passes

  • Define campaign/notification content
    • Specify text, image, link, expiration
  • Define target passes to update
    • Filters based on personalization
    • Pass location, country, language
    • Updated/download timestamps
  • Define schedule(s) to execute updates
  • Campaign execution analytics

Create and push offers/promotions

  • Promotions are shown in pass content
  • Tools/API to create, clone, manage promotions
  • Define promotions
    • Image(s), code, content, T&C
    • Start and expiration date
    • Feature promotion on pass
  • Use promotions in campaigns to update passes
  • Feature a promotion on pass

Vouchers/Rewards on passes

  • Setup vouchers/rewards via tools/API
    • Image, code, content, T&C
  • Specifically assigned to individuals
    • Unique code, expiration
  • Assignment automatic based on rules
  • Assignment done from tools or API
  • Passes are updated on assignment
  • Removed on redemption or expiration

Pass analytics & reporting

  • Track pass downloads, registrations, removal
  • Record pass updates, actions and events
  • Pass locations and analysis tools
  • Rule based automation and actions
  • Ad-hoc analysis and reporting tools
  • Campaign push analytics & reports
  • Automated reporting via emails
  • Export and downloads reports

Common platform services

  • Web dashboard access for business/staff users
  • Access control to manage who can do what
  • Account capabilities for self service
  • Subscription plans and payment management
  • Account/services configuration & customization
  • Translation tools for multilingual support
  • Account branding and customization
  • White label platform offering

Platform security and infrastructure

  • SaaS based platform operating on AWS
  • Data protection & GDPR complaint
  • HTTPS based services only
  • Multi region operations
  • Auto scaling multi-tenet services
  • Dedicated tenets for white-label solution
  • 24x7 support and service
  • Helpdesk and call center services available

Pass usage and experience for users

Customers enroll, track their benefits and get their offers directly on their mobile

Branded on-boarding experience for adding cards
  • Branded landing page with card preview
  • Add customizable interstitial pages & forms
  • Guided instructions & supporting content
  • Customize download & registered card content
  • Desktop flow and preview to add card
iPhone pass content and navigation
  • Content shown when card is opened
  • Logo image and header fields
  • Banner/strip images
  • QR/Bar code in configured format
  • icon link to open linked app
  • Use the "..." see pass details view
Wallet pass control actions
  • Install/open linked app
  • Turn on/off "Automatic Updates"
  • Turn on/off "Allow Notifications"
  • Turn on/off "Location Aware Updates"
  • "Remove Pass" from Wallet
Native notifications & controls
  • Push notifications get shown on device
  • Tapping on notification opens the pass
  • Proximity/location based notifications
  • Time based notifications
  • BLE notifications
Passes in Google Pay
  • Tap the "Google Pay" on landing page
  • Passes get aded after "Save" action
  • Added passed are linked to logged Google account
  • Add from desktop flow
  • Pass gets updated after it is added
  • Pass content is updated without notifications
Google pay pass content & navigation
  • Logo image and business info
  • Common banner/strip image
  • User's personal information
  • QR/Bar code in configured format
  • Linked offered & User specific image
  • Text and links
Adding PWA Passes on Android
  • Use in-lieu of Google Pay
  • Use Chrome mobile browser to open URL
  • Browser shows "Add to Home Screen" action
  • "Allow" on "Add to Home Screen" pop-up
  • An "app icon" gets added on Home Screen for card
  • Enable notifications when Card is opened
PWA Passes & Features
  • Support native notifications to alert user
  • Access card directly from home-screen
  • Superior and easy to use UI/UX
  • Customizable layout for content
  • Controls for notifications & updates
  • Usable even when not connected to Internet
Pass Functional Extension Pages
  • Notifications-in-box
  • Offers/promotions
  • Rewards/vouchers
  • Business locations (near-by)
  • Visits/Transactions
  • Preferences/Personalize
Multilingual & locale Passes
  • Complete multi-lingual & locale support
  • Language translation are easy to add
  • On-boarding flows use users' device locale
  • Pass content langauge chosen thru profile
  • Locale specific customization are automatic
  • Wallet and Google Pay support locale settings

Try out example of Wallet Passes & Cards

Partnership cards & vouchers

Convert customer spends into loyalty points. Create rewards with point values. Customers spend points to earn rewards.