What is Progressive Web Application (PWA)?

PWA is an effortless and quick way to add an app-like experience for your website. The usage of PWA has become possible because of significant progress in implementation of web standards in all mainstream browsers

Quick to setup

Using the Peak Engage platform, your website can be enabled with the PWA capability within minutes

No Native Development

Eliminates the need to develop a native mobile app. Just add a few lines of code to your website and you are all set.

No App Store approvals

No need for app store approvals and avoid getting involved in Mobile app marketing. Your app can be added directly from your website

Enhance website visitor experience with PWA

How visitors access your website and the experience perceived while navigating and using the site has a direct impact on the time they would spend on the site and their conversion from visitors to customers

Faster Access

Allows visitors to 'Add’ an ‘app-icon’ on the mobile device's Home Screen and on Chrome Apps for desktop/laptops

App-like Experience

The 'app-icon' on the Home Screen will open the website like a native app in full-screen mode giving the site greater screen real-estate for content

Increased Speed

PWA allows for website content caching, which speeds up page loads. This is particularly beneficial on slower and/or congested networks which will help in reducing bounce-rate

Offline Access

With PWA web-caching the website can be enhanced so that parts of the website can be viewed even when the visitor is offline