Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

  • Supported on Android, iPhone and Desktop (with Chrome desktop)
  • Added to Home Screen on Android with mobile Chrome, Samsung Internet browser, FireFox and Opera
  • Added via ‘Share’ feature of mobile Safari to Home Screen on iPhones
  • Added as a Chrome App on the desktop


  • Push notifications on Mobile and Desktop in browser or PWA
  • Push notifications on Android with mobile Chrome, Samsung Internet browser, FireFox and Opera
  • Server based notifications on iPhone PWA
  • Push notifications on desktops/laptops when using Chrome, FireFox, Opera browsers on Windows/Mac/Linux and Safari on Mac

Notification Inbox

  • A one stop shop for website users to see all their updates, promotions and messages
  • Browser/Device identified Notification Inbox
  • Messages are saved locally in the browser cache and available for viewing even when offline
  • Users manage (delete) and act on notifications and messages

Preferences and Engagement

  • User controls level of engagement through preferences
  • No personal information such as email address, phone number, name etc. needs to be provided
  • Users have the option to share their location for location aware communication and promotions
  • Users control if notifications are to be pushed or retrieved from the server

Rule Based Communication

  • Setup automated messages to be sent based on the user's actions and preferences
  • Rules can be based on current & historic events, time lapsed and activity on site. Example
    • Send notification and/or offer (with a deep link) to users who have not visited the site for ‘X’ days/months (configurable)
    • Send notifications to users to confirm updates to their Preferences
    • Send an specific 'category' offer to users who have not visited the site for ‘X’ days/months and have expressed preference for the defined category
  • Messages have a title and a body and can contain text, links and/or images
  • Trend charts and metrics on execution and performance of each rule

Campaigns and Communications

  • Create and execute communications or promotion campaigns
  • Campaigns can be sent to all or targeted audience by defining filters
  • Define campaign content, which can include text, links and/or images
  • Campaigns can be executed in real-time or scheduled for execution

Location Based Engagement

  • Users have the option to share (and disable) their location via preferences
  • Approximate location information is also saved for users who don’t share their location
  • Saved location information can be used in location aware communications and campaigns by local businesses
  • Saved location is used to power location analytics

Web Dashboard

  • Web dashboard for rule configurations, campaigns, analytics, and access administration
  • Role based access management
  • Dashboard supported on Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers
  • Dashboard designed for mobile usage


  • Ability to analyze adoption and engagement with 25+ metrics
  • Trend charts and numbers for data analysis over time
  • Technical metrics and breakdown available based on device, browsers and region
  • Location analysis of user base


  • Automated email based reporting (with roles)
  • Define templates, rules and receipts
  • Create and export ad-hoc reports as CSV
  • Ability to add custom reporting and charting