Built for your business needs

Choose, customize & configure the loyalty program. Create rewards, promotions/offers, communicate and engage with customers

Signup and get started within minutes from your mobile or computer
  • Setup and operate your digital loyalty program entirely from your mobile or desktop
  • Configure your ‘Rewards Program’ and its content using personalized or pre-existing business templates and images
  • Easily add business contacts and location information by respecting your customers privacy and not asking for any personal information
  • Configure customer communication and profile data collection
  • Make updates and push notifications to customers on a real-time basis
Promote the rewards program
  • Print the QR code and the URL on your business card or tent card for enrollment
  • Print in-house posters with the QR code and the URL for enrollment at your business location
  • Send a link to your existing customers to enroll via SMS and / or email
  • Add a link to enroll on your website
  • Promote enrollment via your social media channels
  • Customers can also share the link, refer and get rewarded
Create and distribute offers/promotions
  • Create custom offers with personalized content and images
  • Create offers using pre-defined business templates
  • Feature current offers on the customer’s loyalty cards
  • Distribute / assign personalized and targeted offers based on various customer types
  • Location and proximity based offers
Communicate & Engage with customers on their mobile phones
  • Update loyalty cards with visits and rewards on a real-time basis
  • Communicate with push notifications and messages sent directly to the customer’s mobile
  • Reward customers with offers pushed directly to their mobile
  • Update customers on current progress with regards to rewards and benefits
  • Reward customers for completing surveys, feedback and referrals
Rewards EARN and REDEEM – Peak Loyalty POS
  • Install Peak Loyalty POS app to record customer’s visits and spend
  • Create and manage staff login to use the POS application
  • Use the POS app to Scan Bar Code to mark visits (EARN)
  • Use the POS app to REDEEM rewards
  • Use the Customer Listing page in the business app for EARN and REDEEM
Analytics – Learn about your customers
  • Customer registrations, usage and engagement
  • Aggregates and trends on visits, spend and locations
  • Preferences set as communicated directly by the customer
  • Effectiveness of campaigns and communications
  • Reports delivered directly via email

A completely digital experience for your customers

An end to end digital experience where the customers can enroll from their mobile, track their benefits from their mobile and get their offers directly on their mobile

Enroll within seconds by adding a digital stamp card to the customer’s mobile
  • Customers don’t share any personal information (email address, phone number or even their name) to enroll
  • Enroll by either
    • Pointing their phones’ camera to a QR code on a business or tent card
    • Pointing their phones’ camera to a QR code on the in-house poster
    • Opening the browser and entering a short URL
    • Tapping the URL received via email/SMS
    • Opening the URL via the company website or social media channels
  • Loyalty card added as a:
    • Pass to the Wallet app on iPhone
    • Pass to Google Pay on Android
    • PWA card with an app icon on their Android phone’s Home Screen
Stamp card gives customer access to the following
  • Stamps, visit and reward summary
  • Notification (communication) Inbox
  • Bar code and reward number
  • Key business marketing information
  • Active valid offers from business
  • Visit History
  • Business contact info (website, phone, directions) and locations directory
  • Edit profile and card recovery
  • Edit notification preferences
Customers receive stamps, visits and reward notifications and card updates in realtime
  • New visits resulting in update of stamps
  • Rewards notifications
  • Redemption of rewards
  • Push notifications also shown as device notifications and in the notification inbox
  • Managing notifications from the notification inbox
  • Offers / promotions pushed directly to the card
  • Updates to the card design, content and images
  • Preference settings and profile updates
  • Enable / disable push notification settings
  • Enable / disable location aware settings
Customers can add the same loyalty card on multiple devices
  • On iPhone
    • Card is added to the Wallet app on the iPhone
    • Same card number for all instances of cards added to a device
  • On Android
    • When using Google Pay, card gets added once per Google Pay ID
    • When adding card directly to devices’ Home Screen, card gets added once
  • Recovering lost or deleted cards
    • Need to have established a recovery key
    • Follow the ‘Get existing card’ path when adding the card
  • Customers can add the same loyalty card on multiple devices
    • Using the ‘Get existing card’ pathway
    • All cards will be updated with the same information